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Morrow Autumn Lanes Rally 2013
Saturday 9th November 2013

Available to download:

Regulations | Entry Forms | Competitor Bulletin 1 | Final Instructions 1 | Entry List
Final Results |Event Sponsors Website

Competitor Bulletin 1 - Click Here
The Competitor Bulletin is issued for information only, it does not change anything in the Event Regulations, or the MSA Blue Book but is intended to clear up our interpretation of the rules!
We have appointed George Kennedy as Scrutineer for the event. George is an experienced MSA Scrutineer and he will be responsible for the consistent and fair interpretation of R18 and R19 which are the Blue Book rules covering all cars in this event.
George has asked us to point out a few items which will help to avoid problems at Scrutineering.
We recommend all competitors read the competitor bulletin to help ensure there are no problems at scrutiny.



For further information on competing or marshalling, please contact the motor club
on 07884 386025 between 6pm-10pm weekdays, 12 noon-5pm weekends.

For more details see the Supplementary Regulations - Click Here

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