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Morrow Autumn Lanes Rally 2011

Available to download:

Regulations | Entry Forms | Final Results

If for whatever reason your computer does not open any of the above files, please try 'right clicking' on the file you want and selecting 'Save Target As' in order to download it on to your computer. Failing that email us and someone will email you a copy.



Event Details:

Welcome to the Ballynahinch & District Motor Club Ltd Autumn Tests 2011.

What is the Autumn Tests?

This event will consist of Navigation and Driving Tests (Special Tests). We have organised this event to introduce newcomers into the sport. Navigation will be straightforward with the competitive element being the driving tests. (Special Tests)

- Tests are run on private lanes, with a mixture of tarmac, concrete, gravel, mud and grass. Tests start at one end of the lane, finishing at the other and passing through the occasional farmyard.

- Tests will vary in length.

- In excess of 20 tests have been planned for the day.

- Cars starting at one minute intervals.

- Cars must stop astride finish line (same finish procedure as autotests)

- No reversing required.

- Bogey times are set at 30mph average, so there are some measures to try to make sure no-one beats them.

- These measurers may include; chicanes, salaloms, code boards and the occasional 360.

- There will be no ‘recce’ or walking of tests, crews will complete them blind.

All test information will be given in the form of diagrams, tulips and other information.

Although there are sections on the public road, these are set to a very easy schedule (if you arrive early you will be able to wait for your due time) and navigation will also be straight forward.

We will be starting from Crossgar War Memorial Community Hall in Crossgar.
Special tests locations will be in the Crossgar, Killyeagh and Downpatrick area. The
finish (prize giving) will be held in
Crossgar War Memorial Community Hall,
John Street,
Crossgar, BT30 9EG.

The schedule for the event is as follows (subject to adjustment)

- Entries open on publication of regulations
- Entries close Saturday 5th November 2011
- Final Instruction posted on the club website, Tuesday 8th November 2011.

Saturday 12th November 2011.
08.00 Scrutiny and Documentation open
08.45 Drivers briefing
09.01 First car starts
16.30 First car finishes
17.00 (Approx) Results declared final and prize giving.

For further information on competing or marshalling, please contact the motor club on 07884 386025 between 6pm-10pm weekdays, 12 noon-5pm weekends. For more details see the Supplementary Regulations.

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